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Reviewed in Australia on 7 July 2020
This series about siblings from an Italian family, has just the right mix of family dynamics, humour, entertaining dialogue and sexy times. The relationship between the brothers Enzo, Carm and Dom is especially good. Sister Blanca will no doubt get more story time, as the brothers try to fix her up with suitable dates.
Working his way up the ad agency ladder, Enzo is single minded about getting ahead. He and his brothers are happy with their bachelor lifestyles, despite the constant pleas from their Italian mother to find a wife and give her grandchildren.
Going through assistants at a great rate, Enzo panics when the latest one leaves just as he has an opportunity to hook in a valuable client. And so he requests the beautiful Annie.
She is assistant to one of the other agents, but he manages to get her anyway. However, having her this close is doing things to his concentration and filling his dreams with very unprofessional thoughts and images.
When an overnight meeting puts the two together, things take a more intimate turn. Never having had these feelings for a woman before, Enzo appears to have a poor grasp of his own emotions.
Annie finds Enzo to be a gorgeous, but self absorbed as*hole. But working closely with him over a number of weeks, she begins to see that some of his behaviour has a different meaning.
Being serious about her professional goals means she's not had any relationships lately. But Enzo is a huge temptation.
Is one Italian mother about to have something to smile about?
I immediately 1-clicked the next two books. I just have to see Carm and Dom find their forever loves.
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4.4 out of 5
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