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28 November 2019
It took me a little while for me to get into this one. I was probably about half way through before things really started to pick up for me. The story is told through multiple POV's, but the most prominent one is Maggie O'Rourke.

The time is the late 1800's, before women had the vote and the suffragette movement was beginning to grow. Maggie was a strong character who knew that she wanted to be independent and be able to live her life the way she wanted, and not the way she was expected to.

She gets into a tussle with a horrible man, Robert, where she is working one day, and set off on the run after that. Now, Robert, this character was loathsome. I HATED him, and eventually his wife and brother as well. These were the kind of characters that show the things truly wrong with the world. But back in the era that this book is set in, crimes such as Robert committed, weren't believed, or cared about as much as they are today.

We also have other characters such as Sam and Bucky, who I really liked. And Jane from Lyrup, and Nara and Wadgie from Renmark as well.

With so much going on in this book, it really highlights how much things have changed since the era that the novel is set in. The Murray River plays a huge part of this story, and the ways that people lived on the land.

In the end, I thought things played out nicely, although I wish that Sam and Maggie had more communication. Everyone got what they deserved, and I was quite happy with how it all played out.
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