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4 July 2018
Let me say from the outset, this author tends towards the dark side of erotica, so if that's not your thing maybe steer clear. Having said that, I've certainly come across more confronting material. Triggers for rape though - please beware.

This series is written in single POV (heroine's in this case) which usually drives me batty, but somehow it worked. Our hero is pretty stoic, but his view comes out well through his actions and dialogue, so I didn't feel particularly cheated. Having said that, the epilogue is his POV and phew! I'm a pile of ash lol.

I have an odd relationship with this series, and in fact that's probably true for most writing by this author. 1. I have to be in a mood for tortured characters who are inclined to lash out a little in their efforts to move forward; and 2. I sometimes need to know what's going to happen far sooner than I have the patience to read to. So I'll flick forward and read chunks at a time, and leave the book for a while, and then come back and devour it. I think what happens is I become so anxious to know they're all going to be ok, that I need that reassurance in order to settle in and really enjoy myself. And that's my point. These are intense, unapologetic stories. And somehow I loose none of my enjoyment of them even knowing where they'll go. And the bits I've jumped over are beautiful and meaty and thoroughly wonderful, rather than the filler you sometimes find. The journey is the point, and it's a fun one.

Sabrina and Donovan have a complex, twisted, beautiful story, with the bruises to show for it, and leave you feeling satisfied that they found their perfect puzzle piece in each other. A true fairytale ending.

P.S. "Sabrina" is one of my all time favourite movies, and the call backs to it throughout this series were the ultimate satisfsction for me. Rewatching the Hepburn/Bogart version while reading this was quite the experience hahahahah!!!
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4.4 out of 5 stars