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Reviewed in Australia on 6 February 2014
Wholly Moly, what an ending! I am speechless, this is such a fantastic series and Alexandra Bracken has created such a unique world with characters so lovable that you just can't help but fall in love with them. Ruby, poor poor Ruby. This poor teenager that has so much responsibly and guilt in her soul. I feel so terribly protective of Ruby, but loved seeing her grow in strength and power in Never Fade.

Ruby is an orange, a rare colour on the ability scale with red being the highest and most dangerous. When people find out what Ruby's colour is, they stay far away from her. Ruby joined the Children's League, an organisation that is supposed to help children with abilities and rescue them from camps.

Ruby's ability is to reach into a person's mind. She can see their memories and even erase or create false ones. Ruby can only do this by touching the person she is trying to read. The Children's League are using Ruby to discover information from rogue agents or enemies and she isn't really comfortable about that, but she also goes on missions to help retrieve information or rescue missions.

Ruby is discovering evidence that proves some agents are targeting kids and terminating them. She is frightened for her friends and team members and is not sure what she can possibly do about it. Until Cole reveals some information and asks her help to find his brother, Liam. Ruby is worried about Liam and is very eager to find him too; not only to get the valuable flash drive, but to make sure he is ok.

After she left him for the Children's League, Ruby has felt nothing but guilt over what she had done to keep him safe. The next mission she is called up for, Ruby plans to run and the only problem is when Jude is also included in the mission. Jude is one of the youngest in her team and the most fragile. Ruby is worried but will have to take him with her in case he is the next target.

The journey begins. Ruby is on the run once again, trying to stay out of the authorities sights and get to the location she thinks Liam will be. It's a slow process and with dangers along the way, they end up having Vida joining them and finding Chubs (Charles) along the way. Although, finding Liam isn't easy; they stumble upon a rogue camp that only accepts blues. Ruby tries to hide her orange status and the fight begins.

Will the motley crew be able to complete their mission? What will happen once they find Liam, the flash drive and the all-important intelligence on it? Will Liam remember Ruby? Will Ruby go back to the Children's League?

Never Fade is completely full to the brim with action, betrayal, love, mystery and power. I was crying at the end with all the horribleness and couldn't believe that poor Ruby can survive, but she is a fighter and a leader and will continue on. I certainly cannot wait to read book three, due out Fall 2014.
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