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Customer Review

14 March 2017
Well, I cut one star off my rating, hereby demoting Kat Falcone to a four-star officer. Mostly, it's not her fault - although the way she talked to the president of a corrupt, totalitarian world, while being effectively in his power is perhaps a crazier thing to do than to charm the pirates into ignoring the Marines, especially when no one sees it.
Speaking of pirates: if they are as stupid and cowardly as shown in this book, how could they survive for so long out there, without any support from anyone? Not a single Captain Jack Sparrow for them? Who perhaps could've swayed our heroine's heart away from her monument-like Marine sweetheart? Who could unite a world or ten under the black roze banner, and to hell with superpowers and their superpower plays? That's just not fair, and no fun.
About uniting rebels: that mutiny story just doesn't hold water, full stop. Under a decent captain like Sir Williams, the evil chief's mates would've quietly taken him out themselves - selling him out as a scapegoat could indeed have been a bit dangerous - and then forgotten the whole business and bravely served the Commonwealth. He's not that fearsome, nor is he invincible - as his rather crude deal with the Theocracy demonstrates.
You disappoint me, Lady Falcone: I was so looking forward to see you become the Commonwealth's Joan of Ark, crushing the Theocrats' morale by being a woman who beats them, and taunts them, and beats them again, by inspiring the ready to surrender colonies to fight... Ah well, it's not Queen of The Black Coast, by Robert E. Howard, one of my favourite, and most moving Conan stories. So, one star down.
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4.1 out of 5 stars