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2 March 2018
This is an extraordinary book. The first point to note is the author has a laser-like focus on the actual issue confronting mankind, being our messed-up psychological state, our 'human condition'. I think everyone knows, deep down, that this is the major issue facing us (not climate change or polarised politics etc etc). The second point to note is the author clearly explains how our human condition arose through a simple story that illustrates the inevitable distress or 'upset' that would occur when an animal becomes conscious i.e. when the nerve-based learning system (a cause and effect, insightful intelligence) starts to take control of individual behavior from the established gene-based (and non-insightful) learning system.
Finally, the author explains how the knowledge acquired by science through the ages (in particular, the explanation of the difference between the nerve-based learning system and the gene-based learning system) can now be applied to ourselves to heal our messed-up psychological state, our 'human condition'. Its a huge challenge but Griffith has meticulously worked through this issue, in my mind, come up with a viable solution and in doing so has brought together many aspects of biology, physics, religion and the arts into one grand, coherent explanation. Extraordinary, highly recommend this book!
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