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Customer Review

29 May 2018
Great idea and product, but beware if your Wifi isn't getting an absolute min of 2mb UPLOAD don't bother. You need this to be able to watch the video feed and use the other functions it has. Worked ok for a very small time when I upgraded to telstra "super speed"(extra $20 per month) I already had 40+ Dload and appx 1.5 to 2 Upload, which fluctuated with local usage, and I'm on cable. So I checked with Ring and they said maybe not!! A min of 2 uplaod constantly and it'll work 100%, anything less and it's very hit and miss, which isn't the idea behind it. Your router would need to be right next to the wall, and again dependent on the material & surrounding appliances that'll affect it. I had 2 units, they said it could be faulty, swapped it and same results. Ring were very helpfully, but I think the USA's wifi is a wee bit better than your best here!! Paid $348.00 for mine after waiting months from ordering till ready to ship, so a good price and great value if it works for you, but be prepared to be left with nothing.. :-(
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