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6 October 2019
As far as humidification goes, this product does the job quite well. The reservoir is detachable, which is good because that makes it easy to clean, and bad because it necessitates a valve to feed the water into the base of the unit, which introduces a point of failure. The bigger problem is that for some reason, the refill port is on the bottom of the reservoir, which is a baffling design decision, to say the least. I'm unable to see why a simple screw-down cap on the top of the reservoir wouldn't have done the job much better. As it is, the refill procedure is unnecessarily tedious and messy, and goes like this:

1. Remove the cap over the mist outlet. (Why does this even exist, why couldn't it be integral?)

2. Lift the reservoir up so that you can carry it to the sink. Make sure you hold a towel or tray under it, to catch the water that drips off the bottom.

3. Unscrew the cap at the bottom of the reservoir, which is usually tight enough that you need to use a towel to get it to turn.

4. Fill the reservoir.

5. Screw the cap back on and hope that the seal is built to survive daily openings and closings.

6. Turn the reservoir right side up, carry it back to the base of the unit (still holding a towel or tray under it to catch any drips) and place it over the base.

7. Put the mist outlet's cap back on.

8. Go to bed with the faint worry that the seal will survive daily openings and closings, and that you'll wake up to find your carpet irrigated with up to three litres of water.

In contrast, if the refill port had been on top of the reservoir, the procedure would've been:

1. Unscrew cap.

2. Use a jug to refill the tank.

3. Replace cap.
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