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Reviewed in Australia on 28 October 2015
BOOK FOUR OF THIS pseudo supernatural series of eternal love is arguably the best one yet. And that is as you would expect, given that this epic four part story all ends here. The obvious enemy to the Angels - and the world, as it turns out - was revealed at the end of book three. He has plans for world domination, as well as (more importantly) plans for the end to the romance between Luce and Daniel. The Cad.

And of course he must be stopped.

Enemies from preceding volumes have returned, some re-aligning themselves with the good guys, some staying neutral, and some retaining their old colours. Moreover, things have gone a little bit science fictioney in this volume, with seismic time shifts caused throughout the world every time Lucifer takes a step closer to his metaphorical destination. And new characters turn out to be so much more than they appear at first glance, which is a BRILLIANT way to keep the story going and keep the reader’s attention right to the very last page.

Alert readers may well have pre-conceived notions and theories as to how the story will turn out. I won’t declare mine here, as I will probably be so wrong and so far off the beat that it’s unintentionally funny. But the point is, after four books, I am still reading. I am still loving the action, the jokes, the fights, the battle scenes, the strong characterisation, and the plot twists.

But most importantly, i am still lovin’ the lovin’ on display between Lucinda and Daniel. I am worried for *his* future, as well, asking myself if a single act of plucking one of his divine feathers a metaphor for something much grander?

I guess I will have to keep reading to learn the truth. And so will you. I want to see the god guys (and their angels) beat the bad guys (and their angels) once more. And to see Big Bad Lucifer learn a lesson he won’t forget in a hurry. And it’s always good to see true love in action, anyway.

Four stars for the final volume of a consistently excellent and highly entertaining series.

BFN Greggorio!
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