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10 October 2019
What if we could solve the issues of overpopulation, child abuse and neglect? What if we could ensure that ALL children were raised in the very best way, by people qualified for such a job?

This is the premise behind 'Maternal Instinct', a dystopian novel set in Australia. It's an interesting question, and one that I, as a mother, often find myself asking - how am I qualified to raise two humans? Am I doing the right thing? And then of course, when you go back to work, there's the guilt.

Well, all of these problems have been solved in 'Maternal Instinct' through the Mater & Pater program. Every female provides two children to society, and they are raised by professionals. But don't worry, the birth mother can visit on Sundays ;)

This book was a slow burn, but picked up pace near the end. It was nice to read a book so centred on birth and the connection between mother and child - although I'm not sure that I would have enjoyed it as much if I wasn't a parent myself. Because I am a mother, I really enjoyed watching the characters wrestle with the questions that I have asked myself - how can we raise children in the best possible way? And is 'the best' for our children, always the best for parents?
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