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Customer Review

20 November 2017
If the current state of medical understanding and treatment is where you place your trust with regard to your health, this book may not be for you, as much of it includes information given by 'Spirit' which at this time is undiscovered by scientific research. If, like me, you feel that medical treatment has largely failed you or people you know, then you may well benefit from reading this book, along with the previous Medical Medium books. Don't be put off reading it by the fact that you may not have been diagnosed with a thyroid condition, as the content is applicable if you have any kind of so-called auto-immune condition; and the perspectives that are offered here make far more sense to me than the limited and, I believe, distorted understanding that most doctors have. I have been gradually altering my diet for some years now in line with naturopathic guidance, and the changes I've made have been extended and enhanced - and in some cases refuted or changed again - by the guidance in the Medical Medium books, including this one. I must add that this doesn't mean that I accepted or adhered to all the guidance initially; it was a gradual process, which is ongoing, in which I increasingly intuitively felt or feel another step to be right for me. Because I have a family and live in a society which tends to place absolute trust in medical authority, I often question my own choices in this regard, but I always come back to the fact that the outcome of following the dietary guidance in these books has only been good for me, and my health is very much better as a result. My only reservation about these books is that they appear to be largely orientated towards the American public, lauding the use of foods such as wild blueberries which are not easily obtainable in countries such as Australia, and not taking into account some of the alternative and doubtlessly beneficial foods (eg. some of the 'bush tucker' foods) that are available or easily grown here but not over there..... I'd love it if the list of healing foods for particular conditions could suggest substitutes when the American product is difficult to obtain elsewhere. However, that is a very minor reservation in the bigger picture of things, so, yes, I regard this book as a great gift to anyone struggling with an 'auto-immune' health condition.
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