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4 March 2017
This could have been a 5 star read for me because I absolutely loved the romance between Darcy and Gage. Out of everyone in the Easton family, he was the ONLY one who actually made an effort with Darcy. He was the ONLY one who proved by his actions how sorry he was for the way things went down between her and his family regarding Kyle. No one else stepped up and made an effort; just him. And I thought he was a great hero. My only disappointment was how he (and his brothers who were absolutely useless, especially Rhett) pandered to Margo and allowed her to get away with what she did.

Speaking of Rhett, he just made me mad! He's all about giving advice about how Gage should be there for Darcy and fight for her, but I found that strange coming from someone who even at 93% of the book hasn't even seen Darcy or made any effort to reach out to her and his niece. What was the point of him even being in the story? But I suppose he was supposed to be the voice of reason? Really? The author couldn't have come up with someone more appropriate?

Margo was a horrible, cruel woman who should have been written out of the book. Her reasons behind WHY she chose to treat Darcy the way she did were ridiculous! If there is one thing I hate, it's when the mother of the hero is written as this horrible woman without even one redeeming quality, it makes me think what her husband (who is written to have been such a great, loving man) even saw in her in the first place! And she got off way too easy. Ooh, the threat of not being in her son's life (sarcasm)! Like that's going to do anything :-/

So if that's the way the Easton brothers act, I'm certainly not interested in reading any of their books. Which is a shame because I really liked Darcy and Gage. Yes she was super forgiving at the end, but he made things right and that goes a long way :)
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