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Reviewed in Australia on 10 June 2018
'The Smallest Part', by Amy Harmon, was another example of her outstanding writing skills - authentic, well-thought-out, heartbreaking, enchanting and gripping.
Initially, I put-off reading TSP because I knew it would be gaspingly emotional. (And the complexities of this love triangle scenario were...very!)
The multidimensional characters (Mercedes, Cora and Noah) were sympathetic, vulnerable and fallible. As the characters' layers were revealed, I was fully invested in the trope. 
Amy has the ability to weave heart, intricacies, intimacy, life experiences and reflections into one mesmerising narrative after another. It's obvious that she puts 'her all' into every page - a natural story-teller, plot navigator and communicator. This one featured serendipity, true love, loyal friendships and spirituality. But it also highlighted mental health, consequences, sacrifice, loss, lies and secrets. I'm mostly a realist, but Amy's writing style always lures me into thinking...perhaps?!
Overall, 'The Smallest Part', evoked deep feelings of hope in me...beautiful memorable...gently told, but powerful.
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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5
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