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3 January 2019
It’s a short and sweet explainer for our perception of outliers in terms of people’s success and the reality of their background, circumstances and historical context being supremely pivotal to that success, rather than the traditional “self-made” widely perpetuated story.

Negatives: it’s quite short (which is also good), and it’s a little loose and inconsistent with the level of statistical rigour under which the points are made (which also makes it much more accessible as an entertaining read rather than scholarly text).

And, as some reviewers are noting, perhaps unfairly, it it not a self-help book. This book will help people understand some of the key not so intuitive mechanics behind success or failure at a population level. It won’t necessarily give you a large list of actionable items as an individual, although I think parents in particular of young children will be very interested in the read. The most direct “takeaways” from the book are more for educational ministers and policy makers in terms of what they can do to improve the opportunities and outcomes for their populations.
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