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18 November 2016
Amy Harmon is an extraordinary writer, in my opinion. From Sand and Ash is the type of narrative that readers emotionally invest in, so you carry the impressions and imagery for quite some time. Yes, the impact level is high!
Amy's well-crafted way with words takes you to another place entirely, in the same way music or poetry can. It's simply beautiful, but it's also engrossing and has 'edge of your seat' suspense.
The scenario is deeply painful, complex and confronting, but it's also a story of happiness, love, hope, self-sacrifice and core beliefs. The historical background and references have been well-researched and are accurate (including the networks that smuggled Jews to safety and away from certain death.) The book also has elements of Romeo and lovers.
Angelo was only a boy of twelve when he arrived in Italy from America to live with his grandparents who work for a Jewish family, the Rossellis. Eight-year old Eva Rosselli was an open-hearted, strong willed child who looked to Angelo to be her 'brother' and friend. Time passed and they both grew older. Their relationship altered somewhat, but their destinies were mapped out for them. He was to become a Catholic Priest and she was a gifted violinist. However, in 1938, politics was about to devestate Europe completely and utterly. Eva and Angelo would need to endure horrors and life-changing events and their personal feelings would grow and morph into more than just sweet love.
Amazon only allows 5 stars and I usually press 5 for any book that leaves a strong impression or impacts on me, no matter what the genre. On the odd occasion, I really want to press more than 5 stars...this is one of those occasions. Amy Harmon, your talent is amazing. Thanks for a heartbreaking and moving read that ticked all the boxes for 'a keeper' in my elibrary. Really, I'm struggling to express how good this book is!
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