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Customer Review

4 February 2019
Royally Bitten
By Lexi C Foss

WOW!!! This book was absolutely brilliant in the style and variety of the world these characters are a part of.
We are introduced to a world where humans have become little more than a way to provide entertainment, food, sexual play things, and generally looked upon as nothing more than a necessity needed within the system developed by the Paranormal world of the Vampires and Lycan’s of the time.
I was absolutely blown away by the amazing Author’s take on this superb storyline and creative world she has developed for us to delve into. Totally Outside anything similar in the lives of Lycans or Vampires, that is being written at the moment, but definitely far out weighs anything similar. Her captivating characters, mystery, and tragedy including tenacious and intriguing events that have you continually sitting on the edge of your seat not quite sure where the next twist is coming, find you wanting to know what is about to happen next as you become invested in how these characters survive and get through the events they are dealing with in their life and death situation.
Our two central characters Raelyn and Kylan find themselves in an ongoing battle of wits. Raelyn is the human consort that Kylan chose at the Blood Ceremony, only he finds himself totally intrigued by this strong determined and spirited women who appears to have little to no fear of him, even though he’s the most feared Royal within the hierarchy of vampires, and is believed to have no feeling or respect for anyone especially humans.
Immortality is what Raelyn believes she was being given the chance to achieve, but like most things presented within this system nothing is as it seems, so she finds herself continually battling against the pulling desires Kylan seems to be able to create in her, not realizing she’s having the same effect upon him.
Lexi Foss has a natural talent of getting her reader’s inside the pages of her book’s ,so we are personally involved in and with the characters as they deal with the emotions, pain and survival of this outstanding world she has masterfully developed.
Being part of the Post Apolyptic era with political and legal ramifications preventing any superior being from doing whatever they wanted was how this system is controlled by a select few, but like most systems with a little creativity and determination, Royalty can be challenged and this is where Kylan and Raelyn find themselves while slowly understanding the powers they have over each other could actually give the enemies a perfect way to achieve their desires.
This storyline has so much suspense, drama, never ending twists with highly intelligent and well thought out events with situation’s one would never expect, that I can only say to anyone who loves a book that has something to please everyone, they should definitely grab this book and be prepared to want to grab another Lexi Foss book straight after, because I know I am. She now has an avid follower of her work from here on out.
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4.7 out of 5 stars