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Customer Review

21 May 2019
Right, so this is the first book I’ve read of Albany Walker. It’s the first in its series; a slow burn paranormal RH by the way.

After the first book we’re only introduced to the surface; issues, character personalities, a roundabout knowledge of what an Infinity is etc. And whilst there’s no cliffy at the end you are left with wonderment.

I’m still deciding whether or not I like the FMC I’ll let you know in my review of the sequel, but I definitely like Ares, even though he’s a late arrival he is prominent so it’s hard not to like him.

Just so you know other that a few innocent kisses there’s not much way of sexy times, but I reckon as the story unfolds it will most likely get steamy!

I must say I couldn’t put the book down however the reason behind the rating was the overall grammar, there were quite a few errors that would impede my reading and had to reread so many lines. I will suggest if you can hold off to wait for a few of the books to come out so you can enjoy reading them back to back.
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Product Details

3.8 out of 5 stars