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11 April 2018
Favorite Quotes:

The way she looked at me, like I stole her doll and drew d* on its mouth, revved my engines.

It had been a long time since I yearned for a woman, probably because they usually threw themselves at me. I was pretty sure the only thing redhead wanted to throw at me was a puck.

I would never intentionally hurt you. And besides, my mom would kill me if I did.

She scoffed. “Please, the only thing I thought that man was put on this earth for was to give me you. After that, he was slime.” “I’m right here, Lauren.” My face broke into a grin as my mom went on. “Well, obviously that’s changed. I love you, duh.”

I’ll never finish loving you. It just keeps going on and on. I’ve finished a lot of things. A period during a game, a goal, and plenty of women that I shouldn’t really be bringing up, but oh well, it’s part of my point. With you it’s constant and I can’t… I just can’t finish.

My Review:

I smirked my way through this witty and amusing New Adult/College/Hockey Romance, which is in all honesty, a trifecta of genres I rarely peruse. Maybe I should indulge in them more often, or maybe I should just read more of the comically talented Ms. Aleo’s work as I was engaged throughout and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I was highly entertained by the premise as well as the expletive-spewing and quirky accident-prone characters with their salacious sensual scenes and inner musings, which morphed into a sweet/sizzling romance. Ms. Aleo has a wicked sense of humor and excellent pacing. I adored the character’s clever exchanges, witty quips, and saucy banter - especially those flowing from the elder Perssons who were obviously the fun parentals. More, please, Ms. Aleo. I greedily want all your naughty tales.
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4.6 out of 5 stars