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4 January 2016
These two authors should have a PhD in human consciousness and connection! The overall concept, and the authors' ability to clearly articulate quite complex ‘data’, deserves not only serious consideration, but to be analysed, studied and taught, as their analysis and understanding will help others.

The book contains easy-to-understand visual analogies: mountains, valleys, trains, Luke Skywalker, Russian dolls; it makes it easy for the reader to follow the examples. It is written in easy-to-understand English, and distills complex thought into a ‘story’ – it’s hard to put down once you’ve started reading!

The authors make the proposition that the universe is “healing us all back to Unity”. This is a positive statement, and on their own admission, based on their own terrain-state, it is subjective. Others might say that, given world events, the universe is constricting us all back the Particle terrain. Due to war, there is an increase of people experiencing ‘Particle’. Also I think that, sadly, a growing number of people are becoming more cut off from compassion, unity and societal consciousness – some people are more and more materialistic.

Regardless of your view, this book is a massively positive, and much needed, wake-up call which enables people to understand themselves, those around them and society – and make conscious choices regarding how they view the world and interact with it.

Essential reading.
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