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Reviewed in Australia on 2 August 2019
This book is an overly simple description of the female reproductive system with information similar to that taught to high school students. The book was often repetitive and made questionable claims and suggestions - such as tea being a cure for pretty much everything. It also suggests that PCOS and endometriosis are manageable by diet, which is a gross generalisation that glosses over various actual medical aspects of the illnesses. It also suggests that if you experience period pain then there is something ‘wrong’ with you and that it is treatable (again with tea and diet). This is too problematic to debunk in one small review.

Other questionable topics include using timing methods of contraception (based around ovulation) and that skipping the pill is bad because the uterine lining builds up. This has been refuted by many medical doctors, as has the existence of ‘leaky gut syndrome’.

Advocating for cutting out of gluten, dairy and sugar can see whole food groups eliminated which can be unnecessary and cause problems in itself. Testing for allergies and intolerances to these should be left to professional medical practitioners before severely limiting diet and potentially affecting nutrient intake.

The diary provided in the book is also terribly basic and you’re better off downloading one of many free apps that can analyse your cycle and symptoms for you.

Overall a disappointing read given that I had heard the author speak at an event and her words had seemed so promising.

I also think that the publisher has an ethical responsibility to check the content of the books to ensure credibility. I am also concerned with the use of the term ‘Doctor’ without having completed an accredited medical degree or doctorate programs.
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