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Reviewed in Australia on 11 August 2019
Oh. My. Heart.

How much did I love this book? So much that I ignored my children and husband for an entire weekend so that I could spend more time with Alex and Henry.

Alex is the son of the US' first female president, and as young, attractive, and political savvy as he is, he attracts a lot of media attention. When he causes an international incident at the Royal Wedding, measures are put in place to ensure that Alex and Henry, 3rd in line to the British throne, are seen to be friends, rather than the antagonists they are.

As their friendship develops, Alex slowly realises that maybe he wants more. To get it, he'll need to get past his own beliefs about his sexuality, the eyes of the world's media, and centuries of tradition on both sides of the Atlantic.

I absolutely adored the slow burn romance between them, as well as the well developed supporting characters and the over arching political themes. If only the real 2016 election had gone the way this fictional one did.
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4.6 out of 5
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