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6 July 2018
After leaving her job with the FBI, and not sure what she’s going to do, when visiting home one of her cousins suggests that she could have a job with Black-Gray Investigations.
After starting Lacey does everything she can to avoid Gray, she’s attracted to him and he’s exactly the opposite of what she likes in a man.
Grey couldn’t work out why Lacey was avoiding him, things had been stale, for him doing the same things, but he wanted it all a wife and kids. His friend tries to convince him that she’s just got issues and maybe some time at the club would help, although Gray thinks she would run if she knew they were all Dominants, but Gray knows he’s attracted to her.
Tired of Lacey avoiding him after their kiss, he decides to go to her. Finding her upset, Gray doesn’t think twice of taking her in his arms and decides to find out why she ran after their kiss. Lacey goes for honesty and lets him know she doesn’t think she can trust another man again.
Finding out that her work colleagues belonged to a BDSM club surprised Lacey, finding out she enjoyed the rope play was even more of a surprise.
Lacey is more surprised when she still isn’t sure about the BDSM and Gray agrees no BDSM everything will be pure vanilla and no sex, he knows she needs to trust him. Lacey agrees she’s willing to take the risk and agrees to date him. Although after a week Lacey realises that Gray being the gentleman is driving her crazy.

Is Lacey going to be able to give Gray the trust he wants, and let go of her fears, she enjoyed the small taste of BDSM, but does she want more.
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