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2 August 2019
Congratulations on your debut novel Aster - you have seriously blown the water out of the park.

I just wanted to quickly say how I came across this book... Okay so, I saw the cover for book 2 in a cover contest and loved it. I searched for the book and saw that my friends had reviewed them 5 stars. Then went onto our beta chat and asked them what they thought and it was all raving reviews from them. I am so happy that we have social media because otherwise I would have missed out on this awesome series!

Okay now the actual review lol.

The writing style in this book is really engaging. I love how little bits of info are dropped here and there and the reader has to connect the dots. And I was thrilled when I did connect said dots and the secrets were unfolded, holy moly it was good.

The FMC is a complete badass and I haven't been able to say that for a lot of them recently, so this was just awesome to read about a super powerful women be so caring about the underdogs, helping everytime she could without wanting anything back (this is a true badass), all the while be hot af decked out in leather and a minimum of 35 knifes/swords on her person.

The actual storyline is really in-depth and creative and not giving too many spoilers away, the FMC is basically the most powerful person on the planet, who has lived eons and has been subjected to some really terrible things in her past.
I can't get over how Aster has woven this story, it's just completely compelling.

Love, love, love it and you all need to read this book.
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