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8 December 2014
Beyond the shadows Book 1 of the Shadow Series was really intense so it was a pleasant surprise to smile when I read some of the first Chapter of Shadow Hunters. Things of course started to heat up again and keeping motivated to stay in this new world when what you had experience in the Origin is not helpful here. Characteristics might be something you have to look at that was enhanced in Shadowland. Only time will help Selena understand why Tara appeared so invested in her and what Tara knew that she was not telling Selena.
This time around in the Valley the deeper they went the stranger Brayden was acting. How hard will it be for the group to collect new people from the Origin. Selena started to wonder if this project she commenced was going to end up killing one of her friends and if her decision to save new Shadows was a good one. When Brayden disappears Selena wonders if the Valley finally transformed him into a Hunter after all. Hardship was still ahead of them as they tried to get out of the Valley.
Have they done enough to convince the Villagers, when they vote, whether Selena and Brayden can live outside of the Village?
The answers to Beyond the Shadow Book 1 is in this book and to find the answer to Shadow Hunters Bk 2 you will need to read The Nights Shadow Book 3.
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