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Reviewed in Australia on 14 May 2020
'The Bright Side of Going Dark' highlights a contemporary issue (or is that, 'monster'?) - the major impact of 'social media' on us all. The book also touches on 'bent-neck-syndrome' versus 'put your phone away and engage with real life'. Other elements for reflection include: family dynamics, redirection, mental health and taking chances. And underpinning it all is: self-esteem and empowerment.

Main character #1, is Mia Bell, the enviable 'influencer' whose life suddenly goes belly-up. Main character #2, is Paige Miller who supplies the curveball which centres around Mia's social media accounts. Without realising the effects of her meddling, Paige causes a domino effect and bites off much more than she can chew. Mayhem! 

Kelly Harms writes in an intelligent, communicative and insightful way. She's articulate and wraps everything up in humour, making some serious and emotional issues more palatable. I can't help thinking that this book is more important than just an entertaining poke at social media. Kelly exposes several associated factors including: fake lives and unbelievable life experiences, all expressed at high excitement levels and using hyper superlatives (yes, even superlatives have been ratcheted up) all to convince others that we are happy and not a loser. Social Influencers are tied, even more into this behaviour, because it's their livelihood and they mix in a competitive environment. 

Kelly Harms nails it! A worthy 5 stars.

Please excuse the following ramblings and read on only if you want.
While reading TBSoGD -
*** my evil, observer side decided against warning a fellow walker (who had her eyes glued to her phone) when it was obvious she was headed toward a puddle of water. Yes, she walked straight into it. Her automated reaction: barely an eye flicker, a step to the side and continue on as before. Amazing! 
*** bewildered by a recent 'influencer meltdown', my husband (think several shades of Billy Connolly) struggled to understand: a) what an influencer is; and b) why people could possibly be inflenced by one. Hilarious!
*** Sadly, a workmate was hospitalised for severe depression (one of many times), yet her Facebook account shows a completely carefree, happy, well travelled, well loved, spend up big etc. individual (most posts are contrived for her multitude of followers and to boost her ego). Sad! Like watching a car about to crash and having no power to stop it.
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