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22 February 2019
Oh, my heart, this book was everything and more.

I felt that Kandi poured her heart out in this book, so much emotion, angst, the level of feelings is so strong that makes you breathless. My skin felt electrified, and my stomach was a mess, I couldn’t eat or drink, my head was in a completed fog after finished this masterpiece, and don’t start with the music, dear lord, that is another story, is so well placed with the book, astonishing soundtrack.

Sarah, my heart ached for her, her life was her music, her best friend was her music, and this trust has broken her in the worst way possible.

Oh, Reese, I was waiting for his HEA, a love him, his soul shredded. He can’t see anything in front of him than his own thoughts of loss & pain. He is so deep in sorrow & darkness.
Sarah is something he doesn't understand, but he can't stop thinking about her.

Sarah & Reese love story is a slow burn, and that got me really hard.

This book is so far one of the best reading of 2019.

All the amazing stars.

Kandi you never stop to amaze me!!!
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4.6 out of 5 stars