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Reviewed in Australia on 4 July 2019
I originally bought the Echo Plus for the built-in ZigBee bridge, rather than the speaker quality for music - but I'll review both.

ZigBee - for those unsure what this it, basically, it’s a built in "hub" that allows you to connect a variety of Smart Home Devices that otherwise require their own separate Hub - example; Philips Hue. With the built in ZigBee, you can simply by pass other provider Hubs and connect directly using the Echo Plus - great! However, by doing this you potentially cannot use the providers own APP, everything has to be controlled through the Alexa App. While it is nice to have everything in one place, you can potentially loose some functionality. Using Hue as the example, you do not get the nice selection of 16 million colours in the Alexa App, you get only the basic RGB colours (white, purple, red, blue, orange .etc.). For some, this might be enough BUT why spend the money on Hue if you can't have full colour access ...

Sound - surprisingly good! If you want a compact, decent looking speaker for general listening, you can't go wrong. While the bass will not blow you away, the sound is well balanced and the vocals come through clear. I have listened to variety of artists using the Echo Plus (from Norah Jones through to Rufus Du Sol) and the speaker handled these tracks well but did not shake the room. Being able to say "Alexa, change track .etc." is also a nice touch - no need to get the phone out.

Overall, this works perfectly for those smaller spaces or someone looking for a compact, smart speaker. Personally, I would not buy this for the ZigBee Bridge, just the Smart features. If bought again, I would go for the Amazon Echo (new version) and buy the Hue Bridge separately (which I have now done). But for general listening, you won’t be disappointed.

Worth noting, you can now set Alexa devices to use other speakers as a default for music (such a Sonos) - for example, I have a Dot in my office which is set up to use a Sonos Play3 as its default speaker (without the need for a line in). When I say "Alexa, play Spotify", the music starts playing from the Play3 - perfect! This way, I can buy a bunch of Dots that are a lot cheaper, but use my current Sonos set up as the main speakers - no need to say “play in office” .etc

If you would like any help with this setup, please feel free to contact me on Amazon - happy to help with Smart Home Set up :)
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