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3 February 2016
The first thing that drew me to this story was how it was introduced to the readers. Through an anonymous blog and a publisher wanting to go public with it.

It is not clear however, whether the publisher knows that it is Tristan’s life story that he pens down to get away from the feels for his brother that has him feeling guilty and perverse. My heart went out to him even when we realised that no matter how hard he tries, and try hard he does, he cannot get out of this strange pull he has to his brother.
Trevor on the other hand turns out to be a really nice guy, albeit a little bit of a slag(is that a correct term for a man who sleeps around?... oh well!), totally against any type of commitment and makes it really difficlult for Tristan to let go of him, somehow nurturing the ever faint flame. Even though they’re not blood brothers, the relatioship, in Tris’ mind falls into an ‘iffy’ category having grown up together and he is all beat-up about it because he couldn’t have imagined a relationship with different feelings for Trevor any different that what it currently was even if they were.
In spite of all this, the brothers are really close, love and care about one another and it shows through the incredible flow of Alina’s writing. The angst, the hint of taboo and the love in this story made me want it to not end where it did, and I really, really hope to see these two in a later stage of life (*wink*).
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