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28 March 2017
Good easy read. However annoyed by her continuous re-iteration that she is not a 'butch lesbian' and not all AFLW footballers are. Case of 'doth protest too much'. She comes off as a little homophobic, and like there is something wrong with being a 'butch lesbian'. Thought we have come a long way, but obviously not. She has the chance to be a role model for women to be comfortable in their own skin, and achieve what they want out of life, but comes across as someone who is stuck being scared about what people think of her. I expected so much more from her, she is a contradiction, worried about what she looks like, and then saying she doesn't care. Which one is it? She comes across as a strong female ambassador, but I have changed my mind by what I have read. She needs to get over herself, people dont care about tattoos, and short hair. Short hair does not make you look like a boy, like she says. If she was so worried about this, dont dress in masculine suits !!. There are many feminine clothes other than dresses, if she is so worried about this. YOU HAVE A CHOICE.......... If you dont care and want to be yourself, then be ok with it and stop complaining.
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