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22 May 2019
This book needs a preface by the author to explain what he was trying to achieve. It is readable but tries too hard.

Lucas goes to a retreat run by a woman who lost her daughter and her husband two years previously. Mark introduces us to the Red Witch who is reputed to demand a child sacrifice from the town every 35 years.

Lucas and the other authors start hearing noises and seeing things. A lot of stuff goes missing. People start dying. Lucas starts to fancy their host.

The last quarter of the book following the climax goes through all the events in detail to make sure that we know what happened. Then there is twist sort of. There were plenty of opportunities to make this a first class story but it fails.

Perhaps Mark thought he was writing a children's book. I don't really know but it was easy reading. Pretty ordinary.
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4.2 out of 5 stars