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Customer Review

19 September 2018
I absolutely loved this! The first book in the series (including the previous linked 'Stage Dive' series) from the man's perspective, and it was brilliantly written! I've read a lot of series that do alternating POVs so you get to see both sides, and having read this book from Eric's POV it was glaringly obvious that the author missed out by not doing this earlier. It's clear that she can write the male perspective and I'm hoping she does this more often or considers writing a dual POV romance in the future.

Eric and Jean's story was a fun, slow burn friends-to-lovers romance. Eric is immediately attracted to Jean but gets a shock when she stands up from the table she's sitting at and reveals her pregnant belly. Eric immediately back tracks and shows us to arrogant and thoughtless so-and-so we've seen in the previous books in this series. But as time goes by, they get chatting and a series of circumstances see Eric at the Hospital with Jean when she gives birth to Ada. The story progresses from there with Eric showing another side of himself, and leaving his old habits behind to be a friend to Jean and help her out.

I loved their chemistry and the banter between them. I got frustrated with Nell for being so negative towards Eric - seeing it from his POV it was no wonder he acted the way he did a lot of the time - if your friends and colleagues have no faith in you, how can you have faith in yourself?!

Brilliant series - highly recommend it and can't wait for more in this series and others by this author.
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4.9 out of 5 stars