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Reviewed in Australia on 10 March 2019
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“You may suck. We’re not making any permanent commitments. Think of this as your audition.” This is my life now. A probationary team member for trivia night. I think my days of hanging out in the clubs and going to the coolest concerts in Seattle might be behind me…We’ve entered the Thunderdome of Trivia.

“Ugh. Why is it always the guy who swears he’s just being friendly who turns out to be the biggest creeper?” “The worst,” Diane agrees. “Most likely to send you a dick pic while telling everyone what a nice guy he is.” … Erik and I exchange uncomfortable looks. “For the record, I’ve never sent anyone such a picture,” I reassure them. “My dick is like Big Foot. Zero photographic evidence.”

I’m a hot minute away from hoisting my pants to my ribs and handing out Werther’s Originals. What fool thought working with teens would keep me young and hip?

Women are supposed to have a gene that makes us love all infants and huff their baby essence like it’s the secret elixir of life.

“Ball sack.” Chuckling, I read the swirling text on a tote bag out loud. “You sell something called a ball sack?” “Knitters have dirty minds and we love puns. We also need cute bags to carry our yarn and needles. That tote is a big seller.” … “I like big balls and I cannot lie. Knit me baby one more line. Knit fast, die warm.” I keep reading as I spin the vertical rack. “All you knit is love.” … “I feel personally deceived by all of those sweet women at the farmers’ market selling baby booties and scarves.”

She bats her eyes at me. Stifling a laugh, I wink back. Out of all of the women in the knitting group, Thea’s the biggest flirt. At the end of my first visit, she came right up to me with her walker and asked if I knew what a cougar was.

“Connie was telling everyone at the bank about the poker game.” “Great. She gives new meaning to the word teller.”

My Review:

I was largely unfamiliar with the Wingman set yet I smirked my way through this last and end of an era volume to what appears to be a cleverly amusing rom/com series. Reading the finale had me coveting the previous installments as their small-town appears to be populated by a large sector of the quirkiest citizens living in the free world. Written from a first person POV of Jonah, a heavily tattooed, pierced, and bearded man in black who was adorable, unexpectedly sweet, and thoughtfully insightful. His crush on the prickly yet vividly colorful June was delightfully narrated in his inner musings. I enjoyed the witty levity, endearingly awkward main characters, frequent Harry Potter references, and engaging storylines. I’m a smitten kitten for the Wingmen.
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