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5 May 2019
I didn't like it sorry, it just wasn't for me. It is a story about a girl named silver who use to be popular and thn next minute she wasn't, she was treated like crap at school. Thn she meets Alex who has had a ruff life and considered a problem child, trouble maker. They both meet and sparks fly. As the story goes on it just walks the read through what happens in the day to day life of both the H & h. There is a twist in this story that I never saw coming and usually I like twists but for some reason I didn't actually like this twist, it still left a lot of answered questions. I thought this story wld explain how the h wld get her revenge on those who hurt her, but it didn't. It seems like the twist was just chucked in there
I'm sorry I didn't like it
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4.6 out of 5 stars