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7 March 2019
I wasn’t sure what to how to write this review? or where to begin?
I liked the story, I thought it was good. I love a good dark Bully Romance but I did struggle with this one a bit.
I loved Keiran, yes he is totally a psychotic douche and a absolute bully but that is what I love about Bully Romance and Keiran is exactly what I want in a MMC.
Lake on the other hand is why I struggled with the first 50%-60%, she is a pushover she just takes whatever Keiran throws at her and doesn’t fight back at all. That is until about 60% and I feel like that only happened because Keiran started to mellow a bit and she was able to talk back at him without fear, I think it was also that there is only so much you can take before you start to snap and she did become a little stronger but she needs to be way more.
I loved the dark edgyness of the story along with the twist and turns the story took. I am going to be continuing on with the series and have my fingers crossed that Lake gets more of a backbone is starts to stand up for herself more.
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