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18 September 2017
Wow..... Forget Me Not was one of those stories where you think you know what is happening and then BAM your thrown for one hell of a loop. Willow Winters was brilliant in her story telling of two lost souls that found one another again. It's one of those second chances that leaves a lingering need in your heart and soul. I was truly blown away with Jay and Robin and what they endured both as children and then as adults. A sick individual brought them together. Both living a torturous existence. Both relying on the other to survive.
Robin made it out physically, but mentally she kept the hell she lived within her. Living with survivors guilt was eating her away. Wondering if the boy she grew to love, the boy that saved her was still alive. Jay knew he did the right thing saving Robin, and knew staying away was the right thing to do. However, he knew he had to go save her again, this time save her from herself. Demons resurface as they each fight to help one another. In the end, can they each save each other?
Willow Winters you truly blew me away with this story. It has left an imprint within me that I can't let go. I loved Jay and Robin and the strength they both found in the darkest and scariest moments. BRAVO Willow, BRAVO!!!
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4.3 out of 5 stars