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Reviewed in Australia on 22 February 2017
Just a real pity no more books have been written in this entertaining series.
A really interesting read but once again there is so much going on in this book that a review can only skim the surface. Russian mobsters, Russian wolf packs, Honey Badger thieves and forgers, debts owed and repayed.
We met Livy in the previous book, she is the best friend of Antonella.
Olivia (Livy) is a honey badger from a big crime family but she works as a photographer. She has no time for people fools or idiots and prefers her own company. When she finds her father murdered and stuffed it starts a chain reaction that goes half way around the world.
Vic is a bounty hunter, of sorts, he is also ex CIA and was also in the previous book. He and Livy formed a friendship in that book and in this book that evolves into a lot more.
These two are so alike in there dislike of crowds and they meshed so well, it was lovely.
Loved his parents, quirky people and his interactions with Novikov were so funny.
Another slow build up relationship which I enjoyed, sometimes this insta mate thing gets boring.
I cannot go into all that happens but we once again have some of the other characters we know from this series in this book plus we get to meet Livy’s VERY dysfunctional family.
Hate the BPC for knowing and protecting Whitlan due to Chumakov. They knew what was going on which allowed Livy to get badly hurt.
I was also very surprised and disappointed in Niles and the Groups actions, or NON actions, in relation to Whitlan. Just loved Dee-Ann scaring the s**t out of Niles for that fact.
Really glad Whitlan got his just deserts and loved that it was Eggie who did it. Justice has been served and it was even better that Great Aunt Li Li took out Chumakov, No Mess, No Fuss.
This can be read as a standalone but you will have more enjoyment if you have read the rest of the series.
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