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Reviewed in Australia on 14 February 2018
If you can’t trust yourself, who can you trust?

Since reading 'Behind Closed Doors' by B.A Paris (her debut), I was very much looking forward to reading 'The Breakdown', and she did not disappoint!

The book's main character Cass was driving home one stormy night after a night out with work friends when she notices a car pulled over in the middle of a downpour, with a woman inside. Cass pulls over and flashes her lights at the woman to see if she needs help or will get out of the car, but when nothing happens and due to pouring rain, Cass mistakenly drives off, leaving the woman there.

The next morning after this unsettling encounter, Cass finds out that the woman in the car the previous night has been murdered. Due to leaving the scene, Cass cannot stop thinking about it and wondering whether she should have done more. Furthermore, Cass begins to start forgetting every little thing, when deliveries start appearing on her doorstep that she supposedly bought, signing for new alarm systems that she can't remember buying and even forgetting where she parked her car, two hours prior.

The combination of all these things, worrying about early onset dementia and Cass receiving heavy breathing cold calls, makes her think perhaps with a murderer on the loose, not only is she going crazy, but she's being watched and is the next target of the murderer.

I desperately wanted to skip to the end so I could find out what was going on, but exercised my self control and refrained. I'm glad I did, because the novel certainly kept me on my toes and I kept changing my mind, thinking 'oh she is going crazy' to 'she's not crazy, is she?'.

Another great book by B.A. Paris!
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