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Reviewed in Australia on 22 September 2019
Not a great deal more happening in regards to the demons. We do get a bit more information on a few fronts. Most of what happens is in Joe’s visions.
Though I really did enjoy this overall, I just wanted to slap Joe upside the head, pretty much for 80% of the book.
Disappointed in Joe but not surprised he wasn’t Prince Charming. He didn’t treat Seven/Seren or their mate relationship with the respect it deserved. Joe acted deceitful both by words and actions. He disrespects his crew/family in not trusting them.
He acted as if he had the right to make decisions for the rest of the crew but his visions were not always complete.
Lacking any real connection or feeling between Joe and Seren due to Joe’s belief he should make all the decisions.
He has purposely cultivated a bad reputation and behaved in a manner unbecoming his status, acted like a selfish manwhore for YEARS, all in the belief he could change fate by not meeting his mate, or by making her dislike him so she would walk away.
All this behaviour to try to change fate but by doing what he was doing, it actually made things happen as they were going too anyway. So his bad reputation with everyone was for nothing.
Loved Seven/Seren. What a great character she was.
Seren WAS too good for him and the fact she apologised and thought she wasn’t worthy due to being a great white shifter was ludicrous.
I would like to slap her mother though for hiding her heritage from her.
Though Joe explained his reasoning for why he had sex with so many, he really didn’t apologise enough to Seren. As she said; an honest relationship would have done the same instead of all those one-night stands.
She will have to deal with the fact they will bump into many of his past sexual partners as this is a small world they are inhabiting as fire fighters.
Lupa the baddie is obviously going to make a return.
The ending made this up to four stars.
I am enjoying these books of the children from FIRE & RESCUE but they just aren’t as good.
Read through Kindle Unlimited.
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