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22 October 2017
I genuinely could not put this book down. I adore Shari Low’s novels and once again she did not disappoint.

The thing I love about Shari Low’s novels is how she creates characters with relatable circumstances but life has thrown them an unexpected curve ball and they find an inner strength that is just so heartwarming and inspiring.

‘One Day in December’ is about four completely different people who’s lives become entwined in the strangest of ways. I expected an easy, escapist chick-lit book but this was much more.

Set over the space of one day, this book introduces us to four people who don’t really know each other, but have so much connecting them. It was great how well the story flowed from one person to another, with a chapter being dedicated to each character in turn.

Caro who’s gut instinct fears that her childhood wasn’t as it seemed, is setting off by train to track down the father who abandoned her and her mother years before. A post on Facebook, has led Caro to suspect that her father’s frequent absences on business during the years he and her mother were together may have been cover for something else entirely. Was he in fact leading a double life?

Then there is menswear shop owner Cameron, known to his friends as Cammy, wears his heart on is sleeve and is planning to propose to his girlfriend. She’s the first woman he’s fallen for since he lost the love of his life to another man. Helped by pals, Josie and Val (hilarious characters), he’s chosen the perfect ring, the perfect suit, the perfect restaurant. Now he just needs everything to go to plan.

Lila is an Instagram addict who has one thing on the top of her agenda – herself. She’s interested in snaring her married lover, cardiac surgeon Ken, who she’s been having a passionate affair with for years, unbeknownst to his wife. Lila’s determined that today’s the day Ken will tell his wife he’s leaving her – and if not, Lila’s going to do it for him!!

And finally there is Bernadette, a woman who has been living in fear and resentment for far too long. Bernadette knows all about leaving because after thirty years of marriage – she’s had enough of her husbands callous, controlling behaviour and she’s planning her departure for life as a free woman however she needs to make her escape before Ken returns home.

The story may take place over one day in the city of Glasgow, but it will be a momentous day for our characters. Events unfold in two-hourly time slots with frequent switches between the different characters.

The further into the storyline I read, the clearer certain situations seemed to become. This wasn’t a story about relationships being broken but rather it was a story about how things are not always what they seem. It was a story about learning to find true happiness and not being afraid to take that first step.

Moving, intense, eye-opening and incredibly heart-warming; ‘One Day in December’ will leave you reaching for the tissues and a box of chocolates or a glass of wine... while also warming your heart and making you smile at the same time. 5 Stars Ms. Low again!!
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