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Customer Review

14 June 2017
Favorite Quotes:

Being kissed by Sawyer made me believe in the devil. There’s no way someone can make me feel that good and turn me on that fast without being completely damning to my soul. I’ve never felt like that before, and I’m sure I’ll never feel it again.

No doesn’t just mean no when a woman says it to a man. It also means no when a man says it to a woman. You’d do yourself a favor to remember that.

You’re worried about losing me, but I’m worried about losing you. When you’re not around, I struggle to breathe.

…love is infinite. It is the one constant thing that makes the world a better place. You come in with it and you hopefully die with it. There’s no limit on love, not on the amount you can give, the amount you can receive, and surely never on how fast you can feel it.

My Review:

Shortly after I began reading Side A, I knew with startling certainty that this series was going to turn me inside out. This was my first foray into D. Kelly’s work and I found her writing to be sharp and finely honed on all emotional levels, lushly descriptive, and masterfully woven into an intriguing, intricately detailed, and carefully erected tale that kept me entertained, engrossed, and deeply entrenched. Despite ending on a vile cliffhanger, I’m am eager to re-immerse myself back into the characters’ story as I already have the next two books (The B Side, and EP) within my grasp. Otherwise, I would most likely be stamping my little foot, spewing invectives, and having a major Veruca Salt meltdown.

The timeline flows back and forth as Amelia, the narrator, delves through her memories and relives events from two years prior when her life radically changed upon meeting and start her work with a successful rock band. The storyline was well-balanced and full of feels that alternated between emotive, amusing, sensual, and highly intriguing scenarios. I was captivated and fascinated by the entire ensemble of characters, and although I am anxious to unravel all the mysteries and absorb the rest of the tale, I strongly suspect I am going to enjoy the journey just as much as the satisfaction of knowing the outcome.
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Product Details

4.7 out of 5 stars