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26 September 2019
The Write speed initially might should 55megabytes/sec but after ~5seconds or 1GB this drops to around 25megabytes/sec then to 10megabytes/sec then to single digits. I copied to fill the whole 28.6GB which took 44min, so an average of 11megabytes/sec very VERY much lower than the expected "up to 60megabytes/sec"

The read speed on this is as advertised and consistant 150megabytes/sec easy. Which is very nice.

When formatting with windows it reports 28.6GB of space, NOT 32...

Knowing the write speed of these I would not have purchased. If you are only copying files under 1gb at a time they will be fine.

The above example is copying from a SSD, i can move files to another SSD at 1000megabytes/sec so that is not the issue. USB sticks were set to use the performance profile in the hardware settings.
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