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Reviewed in Australia on 28 June 2017
No Aussie cattleman likes being called a cowboy! It's an insult.

So, I'd assumed with this novel's title and being an adored Australian Author, that this was a comedy. What followed is a load of bodgy bull dust!

Now for this two-bit read (as per intro) I'll put in my two bob's worth shall I ...  

Firstly, I'm a nobody, but I might know what is fair dinkum  tru-blu ridgey-didge  read when I see it! But hey, didn't know the Sydney opera house was famous; that every aussie has scones in the oven; spotlights shoot just across the road shooting at things called ferals?!?! There's a place called Wild West in Australia (well, Western Australians do think they are a separate country) and that they suffered western heat outside of Sydney which is in the east?

(*can you hear my eyes rolling my eyes rolling at this down-under-chunder!)

But wait, add "bloody" a coupla dozen times to authenticate the lingo - not like they don't say bloody in mother england, 'eh luv!!!  But bloody hell, mate - its just not cricket if you aren't swatting at a few flies, mention beers & lamingtons, while havin' lunch at the RSL, cooking' up a batch of CWA scones! 

Where's the bucket - no not for the ice challenge - but it was a challenge to swallow this read.

Plot holes.... How did 3 hours travel time turn into 7 hours from Sydney to the farm full of prickles; were they talkin distance in the way the crow flies or how fast a ute travels carrying red dust!

Ready for some more bulldust? Now, what farmer smiles at clear skies because there'll be no rain during a drought? What  Oz wears sweaty  wellies (big black plastic boots for rain) at night, in summer, during a drought, where they go swimming in boiling hot bore water during an outback summer!!! 

Then the cliche of she's city' he's country were regurgitated lines read again and again while rementioning red dust and swat at a few flies. But don't forget the prickles must  be included on every second page! That's the story. That's it! 

Main character, is a delusional  princess who is bossy and stubborn, hates country from the get-go  and is nothing but an annoying contradiction.  Too consumed to see what was on the farm she's been on for weeks to notice a greenhouse or her boyfriend's new house, because she's all stereotypical city career focused. Sorry, there was nothing likeable about her. Which probably led to the snarky review. And let's not forget the 'strayan cliches.

Okay, let's find something good.... Or credible...

Enjoyed the opening summoning sequence, but then it comes-a-gutsa from there.  *Spoiler: Only interesting part was neighbourly feud, crooked managers and cattle thefts all tied up in a paragraph? Wtf, blink and you'll miss it resolving quicker than it took to boil the billy for a cuppa!

Music is so outdated in the name dropping of Shania Twain (& milk bar -  really?) made me wonder what decade this was written where there'd have to be a more current Australian Country singer than Lee who?


So, is this an authentic OZ rural-romance...  Or is this is a cheap sellout by someone reading off the Aussie Lingo dictionary cashing in on an author's credibility?

If you rid the prickles, the word  bloody, the famous house in Sydney, and swipe a few less flies, this is a book set OUT (the) BACK of anyone's back door in any back yard in any country. Just not Outback Oz - coz we're as thick as ten bricks who carry on like a mob of drongos where the sheila's call emselves city slickers    because there was a dictionary of terms in the back! Did someone watch crocodile Dundee for research on this book? At least the  author  didn't say G'day and didn't mention koala's who were probaboy busy hiding in shame with the drop-bears on this cheap over clichéd piece of crap!


What was Annie Seaton thinking?
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