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24 April 2017
I have turned away from many books where the heroine has been described as “Clumsy”. It’s a character trait that I find a lot of good writers struggle with to make endearing, often resulting in many eye rolling situations, like come on…how many times can they honestly trip over nothing but air? Rather than moments where you find yourself either sympathising for the character or in absolute stitches wondering what possible series of unfortunate events will befall them next?

With this said I have loved most of Jaymin Eve’s work and let’s face it, what’s $3.99 worth these days? Well…actually $3.99 but my point is you cant always judge a book by its synopsis.

The heroine of the story is Willa. She is curious and impulsive. She is basically a good person who often finds herself simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. She doesn’t mince words. She says what she means and she means what she says. I adore her.

Let’s meet the Adcurse brothers. There are five of them. Each gifted with a unique talent: Strength, Pain, Persuasion, Seduction or Trickery. They’re ridiculously gorgeous, amazingly talented and very arrogant in a typical alpha male way.

When the Abcurse Brothers meet Willa, they are immediately intrigued with the dweller who has a serious issue with staying vertical, a knack for causing trouble and a strange inability to keep her clothes on. What intrigues them the most though is her un-dweller-like behaviour.

She’s not submissive. She questions everything and she not afraid to speak her mind.

Gravity is not Willa's friend and each of the brothers take every opportunity to save Willa from herself (and the floor) by carrying her around either like a sack of potatoes or cradling her protectively in their strong muscly arms but who is Willa really?

The writers drop several hints throughout the book over who Willa might actually be but this may be an intentional ploy by the writers to throw us readers off track to her real identity?

I love the dynamics of the group and the special bonds Willa forms with each of the brothers. I can’t imagine how the writers are going to single any one brother out to be with Willa (if that is even their intention?) and if the writers do find a way, will us readers be truly happy with it because at the end of the day, all the brothers are lovable bastards.

So looking forward to the next instalment.
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