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Customer Review

11 May 2018
I bought tribe of mentors, recently during a time of great upheaval for me, thinking hey some input and ideas from 'great mentors' could be of help. It was the opposite apart from a few people. 130 mentors and their advice were displayed about 4 were useful, I remembered Tom Peters of in search of excellence fame as one of them. Four out of 130 a hit rate of 3%.
However, it was useful as a cultural research tool. As an Australian, therapist, chaplain, poet looking aghast at contemporary situation of shame and shadow, in the US political sphere, it was telling.
It was a throw together of the podcasting, twitter,hyped up view of the personal "success paradigm" at any cost. Almost none of the "mentors" displayed any sense of care or kindness for their fellow men or society. Tom Peters was one exception. I am a mentor and like to think that qualities of wisdom, heart and compassion are important. Not at all to the exclusion of skill, competitive and productive but a good balance of both.
A great metaphor is to see the froth and bubble of the ocean's waves as the superficial aspects of life and the calm depths of the sea as the home of wisdom and peace. This book is predominately froth and bubble, trapped in the head, endless intellectual wrestling matches, ego and success on a superficial and materialistic plane. I read many many books each year and have never written a review before. This so-called best seller frightened me about where things are going especially in the US sphere. To put this book out as a guide is a really scary thing, the king has no clothes call it out. Paddy
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