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11 August 2019
This pillow needs more recognition - there are no reviews on it and I usually don't write reviews but I felt this deserved it. I did a lot of research and went into stores to personally try a number of different pillows. I wanted a comfy pillow, with 360 support where my head wouldn't bob forward when I fell asleep, that wasn't hot, and that wasn't thick at the back so I didn't have that annoying feeling of my neck being forced forward like some travel pillows. Everywhere on the internet there were such high reviews about the Cabeau S3 - of which I did like many features and had initially based on internet research was my #1 pick. I also tried the GoTravel Ultimate pillow which a few people had reviewed with high regards as well. In person, both these pillows didn't do it quite right for me - the Cabeau S3 while having lots of great function, was not that comfortable despite my very high expectations that it would blow me away, in that the side walls were too high pushing up into the lobes of my ears and yet somehow not quite supporting my actual neck and head on tilts from side to side, the foam was too light and not a satisfying density, and even though it boasted an adjustable locking mechanism which I was stoked about (for people like myself who's head tends to bob forward) - it seems even on maximum retraction f the draw strings, too large for me. My chin would slip through the front in an unpleasant awkward feeling (and I am a very average sized 180cm 80kg male) as if this pillow was overall a size too large and I needed a medium (it only comes in one size and being average size I was at the smallest circumference it could do and it was not a nice gentle snug fit, but still too large). I really like the GoTravel Ultimate which in my opinion is built the best and I really like the self-tightening (like a seat belt) type strap - it seems mega quality and really does not let your head fall forward (full 360 support), however I felt it squeezed around my neck just a little too tight (the intensity of those self tightening straps could be toned down a bit), a note others have made. I also felt the outer covering was farrrr too hot, it was nice and soft, but my neck would get sweaty just standing there with it in store for 2mins, I couldn't imagine hours on a plane... even if it were cold in the plane. Thus I tried the slightly lower class GoTravel Memory Dreamer - perfect. Amazing just-right snug fit, lovely comfortably soft but not hot material, excellent true 360 support that was thin at the back, supported the sides just right to keep my head upright and not pushing into my neck at the back, snug enough with the elastic band clip at the front where my chin didn't fall forward at all but it was just the right amount of snug without feeling like it was squeezing your neck(like the Ultimate). As far as the most supportive, comfortable pillow, this was hands down the winner - without my partner knowing the details or what I thought, I let her try the Cabeau S3 vs my dreamer and she immediately felt the Dreamer was far more comfortable, supportive and the memory foam was much nicer. Admittedly, the Dreamer is a rung down as far as build/features - the elastic straps will probably not last as long (in years later terms) as the seat-belt like mechanism of the Ultimate, it does have a removable washeable cover but it does not come with a travel bag/case like the others unfortunately, nor straps or a rubber grip at the back (though I wonder how truly effective that rear grip actually is on the plane) So all in all, if you are truly buying the travel pillow that is the most comfortable and most supportive to give you the best sleep, the Dreamer is hands down the winner. If you want some of the better features, go for the top tier Ultimate by GoTravel or Cabeau S3, however I find their extra bells and whistles (which I do like), do not make up for the comfort comparison
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