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Customer Review

15 October 2018
Kelly always writes books with great MC’s but she has really outdone herself with Charlie and Simon. They are older and have been both been through heartbreak, in their own way they have both put their own needs and wants to one side for a long time. Then garrulous Charlie meets quiet Simon and a spark is felt. As the book has a dual point of view we get to see inside their thoughts and are part of the emotional journey they go on both in developing their relationship and in how they deal with what is happening around them.

I really enjoy when MC’s don’t exist in a bubble and we get to see the important people in their lives. Simon and Charlie both have loyal and loving people in their lives and I particularly liked Frank and Phil. I also felt touched by Arthur’s story, I hope he found someone. The fact that Charlie was bisexual was dealt with so well, so often in books bisexual characters are portrayed as promiscuous or cheats or are horrified that they are attracted to someone of the same sex. It was lovely to have a character who just happened to be bisexual.

This definitely wasn’t a one note story it had romance, humour, sad times, emotional struggles and joy. I was invested in Charlie and Simon from their first meeting on page one, as within a few paragraphs their personalities were already coming through. As I moved further into the story I was totally pulled into Charlie and Simon’s world and enjoyed every moment I spent with them.
This was an excellent read and a book I’ll definitely be re-reading.
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5.0 out of 5 stars