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Customer Review

16 April 2019
This is Baxter Goddard AKA God & Gluttony story.

Zemira Coleman an orphan who is trying to better her life through sacrifice and hard work, is the complete opposite to the entitled and wealthy Baxter. He has not had to earn anything in his life until Zemira. Now he must earn her forgiveness.

God is a trouble character, desperate to not be like his greedy and gluttonous father. Although he still indulges in the luxuries and power that his father’s name and status in the elite provides, there is a clear difference between them. God shows us he can show remorse and compassion unlike his father.

Zamira brought out the better side in God and despite her pushing him away he still persisted in helping her. Their chemistry is hot, their encounters alluring and their story addictive.

K Webster did a brilliant job in portraying God into his character of Gluttony and aligning all the details with the previous books in this series making the story flow smoothly. This is definitely one of my favorites in the series to date
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4.7 out of 5 stars