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Reviewed in Australia on 11 June 2018
Sad and almost unbelievable that children could be treated with such atrocities. It is a shame Georgia Tann did not receive punishment for her crimes against children, one may say she was mentally unstable, as no intelligent human being would continue to destroy the lives of so many underprivileged families, without any remorse.

I was disappointed that Judy was the newborn twin of Queeie and Briny. She has no memory of a life on the river, or no memory of her parents or siblings. The story is far more powerful for Rill (May) and all the other siblings who had a happy life before they were taken into the orphanage.

I was hoping it was Camellia who was Avery's Grandmother. I had not developed an emotional connection to Judy as she was not part of the abuse experienced by the other siblings, therefore her reunion with May was not so powerful an ending for me. I was mostly pleased for May who was still able to feel the love of a sibling, however being the sibling she never knew prior to their original reunion.

Therefore that is why I could not give the story 5 stars, I really needed May(Rill) to have Camellia back (or any of the other missing siblings) for me to feel an emotional connection towards that very special moment between two estranged family members. Secretly I was hoping they would all find each other once again, but the reality is not the case for so many children.
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