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23 December 2017
This was my first Harper Sloan book, and I really really enjoyed it. I LOVED Clayton as a character. Wow, what a sweetie under that rough exterior. 

The characters are well written in this one, both the main characters and the secondary characters, and everything flowed really well.

I loved the way that Clay and Linnie were with each other, and also with their best friends and family too. The accents were awesome (I'm Aussie, so reading the US country accent was really cool), and this was honestly just a really fun and easy book to read.

There are a few serious issues happening in the book, but they're written well and dealt with well. Even the big part near the end is really well done too.

The end of the book is fantastic and just perfect for these guys, my only wish now is to go back and read the first two books about Clays siblings. I'd love to see a book for Caroline's two best friends and see each of them get their own happy endings as well.

Loved it, would recommend.
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4.4 out of 5 stars