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Customer Review

17 October 2017
4 Stars

An Arrangement is the first book in Summers in New York series by Lindsay Marie Miller. It is a contemporary romance, that has a lot of drama, tension in spades, a heap of push/pull, and the characters emanate so much sizzling chemistry.
Claire Andrews is almost twenty-one years’ old, and is about to start her final year at University, studying economics. She had plans to do an internship over the summer break, but all her plans are put on hold when her younger sister ends up in hospital in a critical condition- caused by a rare heart condition. To save her sister's life is going to require a vast amount of money which Claire just doesn’t have. Claire is losing all hope when she discovers that her father had left her a substantial amount of money that she can access when she turns twenty-one. She is excited to find this out, as her birthday is the following week. Then, she finds out that he left a stipulation to her claiming the money, which is that she also must be married- and to ensure that she doesn’t fall victim to a ‘gold digger’ it also stipulates that the man she marries must also be a millionaire. So, no pressure then! She has a week to find a millionaire, convince him to marry her just so she can claim her inheritance to pay for the lifesaving treatment for her sister.
Benjamin Lewis (Benny) is a twenty-eight-year-old, very wealthy billionaire- and one of the city’s most eligible bachelors. He and Claire have known each other since childhood- he’s also happens to have been the first crush for the young and adoring Claire. They spent many summers in the Hamptons in each other’s company but when Ben went away to college, they lost touch. It’s been a few years since she’s seen him and she hopes he may be willing to enter into an arrangement with her- marry her so she can have the means to help her sister. That’s not too much to ask, is it?
Surprisingly he agrees and so the ‘Arrangement’ begins. But what happens when old feelings begin to bubble to the surface? Claire begins to worry that he will end up breaking her heart. Will this unconventional arrangement turn into more than either of them bargained for?
Okay, so this book was really well written and the plot was fantastic. So why have I only rated it four stars instead of five? Well, for a number of reasons which I will explain….I really would have loved to give this story five stars but felt it fell short. First of all, Claire frustrated me to death, there was too much push/pull and erratic behaviour from her. I understand she was under a lot of stress due to her sister’s illness and from her self-involved and money grubbing mother- but her doom and gloom, fatalistic viewpoint was so overbearing at times and completely exhausting! It just dragged on for far too long for my liking. Benny deserved a gold medal and a parade in his honour, for putting up with it and remaining caring and supportive the whole while. Then don’t get me started on the sexual tension, which Ms. Miller conveyed brilliantly- but again it dragged on waaaaaayyyy too long.
But, I really do enjoy Ms. Miller’s imaginative and unique storylines, and I am looking forward to her next book.

Thank you, Ms. Miller!
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4.0 out of 5 stars